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Eric R. Klingsten
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Cutting/trimming nails are very important for your new piggie.  Plus, when their nails get really sharp, it doesn't feel nice to have them dig into you.  One of the products that I have seen someone post on Facebook is called PetZoom Nail Groom...You can use regular clippers, purchase clippers from the pet store, what ever you decide, is your choice.  Make sure that you're careful in cutting their nails, because if you cut them, it will bleed, a lot!  And, yes, this has happened even to myself. 

What to do?  Use just regular baking flour.  That's IT!  Get about a tablespoon of flour, and place it around the piggies cut.  And in a very short time it will clot it, bleeding will stop, and it's NOT TOXIC, so it won't hurt your piggie at all--and they'll lick it off, and of course, it won't hurt them.

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