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Where Piggies Are Having A Whistlin' Good Ol' Time, 
Or Just A Wheek Away For More Joy To Yours 

It all started with a piggie.  A guinea pig that is.  Our Family, that is, --My intermediate family, (not the Wheeker's just yet.)   Amy, Myself, Jake, Chloe, Jonah and Clarissa.  We all wanted a pet, but a dog was a little too much, and we can't have cats...So, we thought, maybe a guinea pig would be fine.

So, I looked, and looked, and looked on the sites to get guinea pigs.  

Then, I ran across an ad, and saw this beautiful Piggie...She's an Agouti Silkie...And, we named her Peanut.  

Michele was our breeder, and We're super glad we bought Peanut from her.

But she needed a friend....

So, I looked at the ads, and thought I should try this other breeder(because Michele ran out, and is retiring!)  Well, we found another piggie, and we named her Snickers.....That's only the beginning! 

Peanut welcomed her home, but little did we know that she had a present for us.  Yep, she was pregnant.  We thought, well, that's OK, she'll have cute piggies.  And she did on March 25th..1 girl, and 1 boy--We called them Petey and Pumpkin--that's when we thought Petey was a boy, and Pumpkin was a girl--WRONG! Other way around!

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