The Whistlin' Wheeker's Piggie Site

Where Piggies Are Having A Whistlin' Good Ol' Time, 
Or Just A Wheek Away For More Joy To Yours 

Welcome to our new Whistlin' Wheeker's Piggie Site, where we want to share lots of pictures, ideas, and even join our Facebook page, and see what we're up to as well!  Changes may occur ever so rapidly, so please be patient.

Peanut...the 1st Official Wheeker! Joins us February 2014
**Shown with her babies**

Snickers .... Joins us February 2014

Jasper "wheeks" all the way from Ohio to us on Aug 2014


Whisper joins the Wheekers' on  August 2014

Whisper with Peanut ...... August 2014

Our little Charlotte, Chocolate Texel "wheeked" all the way from Michigan!

Peanut loves Coconut!  Just some really happy Whistlin' Wheekers!

Just thought I'd show off my Silkies a little bit!

Charlie, our male Texel came to join us Wheekers!

We're not officially a "Rescue" Center, but a lot of me would love to be!  All monies donated to the Whistlin' Wheekers will be used for Food, Bedding, or any other needs.  If it grows, so will the "Caviary".  

Donations not expected, but highly appreciated!  

Also, we are having some auctions through Listia, click here to see more

Also, if you're looking to get back extra monies, check out Ebates..Seriously get some monies back by check OR by Paypal.